Don't be offended by Chris Brown

Chris Brown recently released a new album and some people are offended by the following line in a song called Need a Stack"Only wanna f**k black b*****s with the nice hair". People all over social media are saying that Chris Brown is dissing kinky, afro textured hair and many are incorrectly stating that he used the term "good hair". 

I decided to reply to a Twitter comment to put the record straight and highlight the fact that afro hair IS nice hair.

I know that God didn't make a mistake when He gave me afro textured hair so I have high self-esteem in that regard. It's possible that Chris Brown does have a preference for looser textured hair, but if he does so what? Personally, I have no interest in Chris Brown's sexual preferences and neither should anyone else (apart from his girl). People only have the ability to make us feel bad about ourselves if we give them that power.