Hi there,

I'm D-Rootz and I created this blog because I am eager for black people to embrace ourselves and each other. The media constantly paints a negative image of Africa causing people who don't know better to feel ashamed of their African heritage. This shame causes some people to suffer from self-hatred and hatred of people who look like them. The European standard of beauty is constantly promoted in movies and television shows causing many black people to feel that their beauty isn't good enough. 

Melanin is a blessing that protects us from the damaging effects of ultra violet rays making many older black people look younger than their age. In a similar way that people with afro textured hair need to turn to nature and science to find ingredients to care for our hair, people with less melanin in their skin need to depend on nature and science for sunscreens that protect them from the harsh effects of the sun. Darker skinned people should also use sunscreen too as it will help to boost the anti-aging effect of our melanin. Likewise, people with straighter hair textures should use hair shampoos and conditioners to keep their hair in great condition. This reliance on nature and science makes us dependant on each other which pleases God because he wants his children to do business with one another.