Don't allow dumb racists to win

I've recently started listening to the audio version of 'The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano'. In the book, Mr Equiano describes what his life was like in West Africa before he was kidnapped and forced to be a slave. Before slavery, Africans loved their dark skin, their afro textured hair and their West African features. During slavery, racist Europeans beat the life out of the captured slaves and in doing so taught them to hate themselves. They were taught to hate everything that made them different to their European slave masters. Sadly, many of the slaves internalised what they were taught and passed it down to their children.

To this day many black people have a desire to look more European. Some black Women lighten their skin and wear silky straight weaves to look more closer to the European standard of beauty. Whilst some black men view white women as a symbol of success and they develop a preference for women who look nothing like their mothers. The self hate is evident and it needs to stop. Massa has gone so it's time for us to recondition our minds back to the way they were before the trans-atlantic slave trade began.